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The environment has been degrading at an alarming rate mainly due to unsustainable development and unsustainable use of natural resources. Although environmental conservation has developed significantly over the past couple of decades, environmental problems have been evolving both in terms of nature and scale. Ways to resolve many environmental problems remain controversial.

Our Environmental Science Programs offer fundamental training in environmental field through an integrated undergraduate curriculum (BSc in Environmental Science). The BSc Program aims to provide students with scientific principles underlying the environmental field, to stimulate their interest in environmental issues, to motivate them to think critically about current environmental problems and solutions, as well as to nurture them to contribute in environmental conservation either as responsible citizens or as professionals. A variety of courses related to local and global environmental challenges, biodiversity, ecology, microbiology, energy use, conservation, pollution, environmental impact assessment, and so on, are covered. Students are also encouraged to learn outside of the classroom through field studies, laboratory classes, research projects, internships, and various enrichment activities (such as the Nature Photography Workshop).

Upon graduation from the BSc Program, students can pursue further study to excel themselves in related areas through either our research or course-based programs. Professors under our Environmental Science Programs have excellent expertise and research experience particularly in atmospheric or marine environmental science and we offer research degree programs of MPhil/PhD in both Atmospheric and Marine Environmental Sciences. The Coastal Marine Laboratory on campus is an essential infrastructure supporting our marine researches, while the Environmental Central Facility serves as a platform supporting our atmospheric researches.

In response to the current needs of our society, we will launch an MSc in Environmental Health and Safety Program in September 2013. This MSc Program will provide students with training in pollution monitoring and control, environmental hazards, occupational health and safety, and so on. Graduates from our BSc Program can also consider to progress in the environmental field through other postgraduate programs offered by the University (for example, MSc in Environmental Engineering and Management, MSc in Environmental Science and Management).

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Pei-Yuan QIAN
Director of the Environmental Science Programs