Colgate University delegation visits Environmental Science Programs

A delegation of 7 academics from the Colgate University visited the Environmental Science Programs (ENVS) of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on 14 January 2016. The delegation from the Colgate University, which included academics from Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy and Computer Science, was welcomed by Prof. Peiyuan Qian, who gave the delegation a brief introduction on the academic development and research achievements of the ENVS. The delegates visited the Coastal Marine Laboratory, beautifully located by the sea, and the Biosciences Central Research Facility, where they met our research faculties and staff. They were all excited to visit the state-of-the-art laboratory for R&D in all areas of biological sciences and research facilities supporting a wide range of marine and atmospheric research studies. They were also shown around the general facilities on campus including the library and the signature Sundial sculpture, and also the picturesque sea view.


From left: Prof. Nicole Simpson, Prof. Germaine Gogel, Prof. Damhnait McHugh, and Prof. Vijay Ramachandran
From right: Prof. Peiyuan Qian, Prof. Aaron Robertson, Prof. Jason Meyers, and Prof. Patrick Crotty