ENVS MSc in Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Academic Excellence Scholarship

To encourage, recognize and reward students with outstanding academic performance, the Environmental Science Programs set up Academic Excellence Scholarship to the top-performing students of the MSc Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) program. Up to 5 students will be selected for the award by the end of each academic year.

[1] Award: Each awardee will receive HK$10,000 and an award certificate.

[2] Eligibility and selection criteria:

a. Students will be eligible to compete for the Scholarship only when they have successfully completed all graduation requirements within the normative study period of one academic year for the full-time mode and two academic years for the part-time mode.

b. Students who have successfully completed all graduation requirements within the same academic year will be evaluated altogether for the Scholarship by the end of the academic year.

c. Students eligible to compete for the Scholarship of an academic year will be ranked by their GGA. Only those who are able to meet the following two conditions will be given the Scholarship:

(i) being ranked one of the top five students, and

(ii) having a GGA of no less than 4.0.

[3] Procedure: The MSc EHS committee will rank the students and select the awardees. The list of awardees will be approved by the Director of ENVS. Once approved, the Academic Director of the MSc EHS program will notify the awardees. We encourage the awardees to provide a brief statement of their learning experiences in the MSc EHS program. The statement may be posted on the webpage or other promotional materials of the MSc EHS program.

[4] Enquiries: Please contact the ENVS office (Email: envsmsc@ust.hk / Phone: 2358 5067)