Admission Requirement
PG Research-oriented Programs:
Courses offered
ENVS 6011 Postgraduate Seminar 1 Credit
Advanced seminar series presented by postgraduate students, faculty and guest speakers on selected topics in atmospheric environmental science or marine environmental science offered in Fall/Spring terms. Graded P or F.

For Student cohorts admitted from 2009/10 to 2013/14 are continuing earning no credit from this seminar course.

For Student cohort admitted from 2014/15 will earn 1 credit at the end of the two consecutive semesters. This course may be repeated for credit. The maximum number of credits to be earned from this seminar course will be two (2) for MPhil students and four (4) for PhD students.
ENVS 6012 Special Topics in Environmental Science 3 Credits
Offerings are announced each term. Typical topics in atmospheric environmental science are pollutant transfer in the atmosphere, aerosol chemistry, air quality in Hong Kong, atmospheric modeling, and air-sea interactions. Typical topics in marine environmental science include eutrophication, global warming, biodiversity and conservation, microbial ecology, environmental law, and pollutants in the ocean. Exclusion(s): ENVR 6020, ENVR 6030
ENVS 6770 - Professional Development in Science (Environmental Science Programs) 2 Credits

This two-credit course aims at providing research postgraduate students basic training in ethics, teaching skills, research management, career development, and related professional skills. This course lasts for one year, and is composed of two parts, each consisting of a number of mini-workshops. Part 1 of the course is coordinated by the School; and Part 2 consists of some department-specific workshops which are coordinated by the department. Graded PP, P or F.

ENVS 6990 MPhil Thesis Research  
Master's thesis research supervised by a faculty member. A successful defense of the thesis leads to the grade Pass. No course credit is assigned.
ENVS 7990 Doctoral Thesis Research  
Original and independent doctoral thesis research. A successful defense of the thesis leads to the grade Pass. No course credit is assigned.