ENVS BSc Program changes receive endorsement from the CUS

The Environment Science Programs (ENVS) have made progress in the revision of the BSc in Environmental Science. The revised program has been endorsed by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies (CUS) after a long development process of consultation among the members of ENVS Executive Committee and the members ENVS UG Committee.

To ensure the new curriculum developments comply with the University regulations and requirements, the UG committee has been working closely with key External Reviewers and industry experts in the field of Environmental Science.

Professor Pei-Yuan QIAN, the Director of the Environmental Science Programs, welcomes the changes to the UG curriculum announced by CUS. Commenting on the program revision, Professor Qian said:

“We welcome the changes to the UG curriculum. Our students should be exposed to a wider field of studies where our teaching team makes every effort possible to build a stronger environmental degree program in Hong Kong. The success of program revision reinforces our belief that our improvement represents a genuine consideration of students experience and changes in the environmental industries.”

The spring edition of the UG Program and Course Catalog, and Curriculum Handbook 2015-16 are now made available online by Academic Registry. You may view them by clicking the following links respectively (http://publish.ust.hk/prog_crs/ and http://ugadmin.ust.hk/curriculum_hb/1516hb/ ). For more information on the revised UG curriculum, please contact the ENVS office via envsug@ust.hk.