Research Postgraduate Students
Name   Program Research Interests
AN Karl

- Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics

- Turbulence Research

- Air Pollution Physics and Modeling

CAI Zhongya

- Dynamics of ocean circulation

- Numerical modeling

CHEN Fangzhou
MPhil-MES - Predation stree ofr E. coli survive in marine sediment environment
CHEN Lianguo
PhD-MES - Environmental risk assessment and mechanism of toxicity of antifouling compounds

- Microbes involved in marine nitrogen cycle

- Phylogenetic diversity and distribution of dizaotrophs

CHOW Ka Shing

- Air pollution monitoring

- Secondary Organic Aerosol characterization

- Brown Carbon and light absorption

DENG Kailin
PhD-AES - Nitro-PAHs and PAHs analysis in food and plant, toxicity of nitro-PAH compounds
FANG Xiaoting
PhD-MES - Bioinformatic analysis in Genomics, Transcriptomics and Proteomics; Molecular Genetics; Marine Microbiology
GAO Yibo
PhD-MES - Microfluidics and nanofluidics, biomaterial, biosensor

KUNG Hiu Suet

PhD-MES - Physical Oceanography
LI Chongping
MPhil-MES - Dinoflagellate life cycle
LIU Jingjing
PhD-AES - Chemical toxicology, Biomarker development
LIU Kailin
PhD-MES - Warming effect on phytoplankton growth
MABOLOC Elizaldy Acebu

- Marine invertebrate ecophysiology

- Developmental and reproductive biology

MENG Jia   MPhil-MES  
SHEN Zhiyong
PhD-MES - NGS, bioinformatics, data mining
SU Lin
PhD-AES - Meteorology, climatology and numerical modeling
TABATA Harry Gene
MPhil-MES - Study of Deep Sea via Genomics and bioinformatics
TSE Wai Po
MPhil-AES - Numerical Meteorological Modelling, Urban Meteorology
WANG Wenhao

- Trace metal biogeochemistry

- Estuarine pollution

WANG Yuchen
PhD-AES - Synthesis oganosulfates standards and quantification of organosulfates based on LC-MS method in PM2.5 samples. Study the formation mechanisms of organosulfates in airborne particles
WEI Dujun
MPhil-MES - Physical Oceanography
WONG Mau Fung
PhD-AES - Urban meteorology,boundary layer meteorology, mountain meteorology, numerical weather prediction
MPhil-AES - Fine suspended particulates pollution, Source apportionment
XIA Xiaomin
PhD-MES - Diversity, Pyrosequencing, and picocyanobacteria
YIN Qijun
MPhil-MES - Ecotoxicology
YU Yanping
PhD-MES - Transcriptomic analysis and ecological niche
ZHANG Yumiao
PhD-AES - Numerial weather and air quality modeling, data analysis
MPhil-MES - Natural products from marine bacteria