- 2013-14 curriculum
- 2014-15 curriculum
- 2015-16 curriculum
- 2016-17 curriculum
Admission Requirement
Program Curriculum
(For students admitted in 2013-14 under the 4-year degree)
Major Pre-requisite Course(s)
Students MUST take the following courses prior to enrollment into the major Credit(s)
  LIFS/MATH   Note: [LIFS 1901 AND LIFS 1902] OR [(MATH 1013 OR MATH 1023) AND (MATH 1014 OR MATH 1024)] OR [MATH 1020] (Students with HKDSE 1x Biology are exempted from taking LIFS 1901) 3-6
  LIFS 1901 3
  LIFS 1902 3
  MATH 1013 3
  MATH 1014 3
  MATH 1020 4
  MATH 1023 3
  MATH 1024 3
Required Course(s)
 ENVS3001 Pollution Monitoring and Measurement* 3
 ENVS3002 Introduction to Atmospheric Science* 3
 ENVS3003 Ocean Science* 3
 ENVS4001 Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment* 3
  ENVS Note: ENVS 4964 OR (ENVS 4974 AND ENVS 4984)[Student following IRE Track can only use SCIE 3500 AND SCIE 4500 to fulfil the requirement] 3-7
 ENVS4964Environmental Science Capstone Project Research [Co-requisite(s): LANG 4016]3
 ENVS4974Environmental Science Project Research I [Co-requisite(s): LANG 4016]3
 ENVS4984Environmental Science Project Research II4
IRE Track
 SCIE3500IRE Research Project I3
 SCIE4500IRE Research Project II3
 CHEM Note:*CHEM 1010 OR CHEM 1020 2-3
 CHEM1010General Chemistry IA3
 CHEM1020General Chemistry IB2
 CHEM1030General Chemistry II3
 CHEM1050Laboratory for General Chemistry I1
 CHEM2310Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry3
 CHEM2350Analytical Chemistry Laboratory1
Note: *CHEM 4310 OR LIFS 2060 OR MATH 2023 3-4
 CHEM4310Environmental Chemistry3
 MATH2023Multivariable Calculus4
 LIFS1030Environmental Science3
 LIFS Note: LIFS 3060* OR LIFS 31603
 LIFS/MATH Note: LIFS 3150 OR MATH 24213-4
 PHYS1003 Energy and Related Environmental Issues* 3
 LANG3016 Laboratory Report Writing for Environmental Science Students [Co-requisite(s): ENVS 3001] 1
 LANG4016English for Environmental Science Capstone Project [Co-requisite(s): ENVS 4964 OR ENVS 4974]2
  Environmental Science Electives (Courses from the specified elective list. Students following IRE Track are required to take a minimum of 12 credits; while others a minimum of 15 credits. A maximum of two 1000- /2000-level Environmental Science electives may be used to count towards this requirement. Courses taken as Major / Trak Required Courses may not be counted towards the elective requirement.) 12-15
 ENVS2001Environmental Conservation and Sustainability in Practice*1
 ENVS2002Environmental Internship2-4
 ENVS4301Environmental Conservation3
 ENVS4905Marine Molecular Biology and Ecology3
 CHEM2110Organic Chemistry I3
 CHEM2210Inorganic Chemistry I3
 CHEM2410Physical Chemistry I: Equilibrium Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics3
 CHEM4320Environmental Analytical Chemistry3
 CHEM4350Environmental Chemistry Laboratory1
 CHEM4355Instrumental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory3
 ENVR2020Urban Air Pollution3
 ENVR3003Green Buildings and Energy Efficiency3
 ENVR3110Sustainable Development3
 ENVR3220Energy Resources and Usage3
 ENVR3420Environmental Law and Regulations3
 ENVR4330Environmental Geographical Information System3
 LIFS2011Selected Topics in Life Science Enrichment Activities1
 LIFS3130Marine Biology3
 LIFS3260Microbiology Laboratory3
 LIFS3330Marine Biology Laboratory3
 MATH3423Statistical Inference3
Track Study
International Research Enrichment Track
  Students in the IRE Track should take SCIE 3500 and SCIE 4500 as specified in the major requirements.
  Required Course(s)    
  CHEM/ LIFS   Note: CHEM 4350* OR LIFS 3260 1-3
  CHEM 4350 1
  LIFS 3260 3
Remarks: *course(s) with pre-requisite(s) requirement. For course description, please refer to Course Catalog